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Welcome to MyGenesee, a site designed for the convenience of residents of Genesee County and the surrounding area.
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Batavia Webcam

Batavia Webcam looking East at a section of Ellicott St. in Batavia.

CNN Top News

Most elections don't involve body-slam accusations. Still, both parties drew lessons from the result

Hear Gianforte's apology

Opinion: Montana body-slam reveals a GOP problem

Ben Jacobs: Gianforte's statement worse than assault

Ex-congressman gets shut down for defending Gianforte

Clinton returning to alma mater 48 years after famous speech

FBI won't give Comey's notes to Congress

Manchester suicide bomber spoke with brother 15 minutes before attack

Did Trump push a world leader aside?

Opinion: Why Trump's prime minister shove pleased Putin

Trump couldn't cut Spicer a break?

7th-grader gets 'Most Likely to Become a Terrorist' award

US Alzheimer's deaths rise 55%

26 killed in attack on Coptic Christians

Trump says Germany is 'very bad' on trade

Analyst: Travel ban is a**-backwards

The elephant in the room at the G-7 summit

FBI taking a closer look at Kushner

Begala warns Kushner: Don't lie

Whoa, Jupiter, that was unexpected

Blake: What's wrong with too many white men in one place?

What to make of these viral racist rants?

Walmart shopper hurls racist slurs at customers

Politician resigns over use of racial slurs

Man yells at stranger for speaking Spanish

Opinion: Lynching is hitting the mainstream again

Panel erupts during fiery argument about race

Scientist finds snakes that hunt in packs

Olympic gymnast body shamed by TSA agent

He gets paid $75M to be the NFL's biggest bully

Facebook founder spills family secret

MMAer loses by TKO then gets slap from mom

The first Catholic first lady since Jackie Kennedy

Photo of political spouses is making waves

5-year jail term requested for Ronaldo

Video shows bear attack hunter

After homicide, students demand change

The air warrior and his 'titanium mistress'

Who were the Manchester terror attack victims?

The week in 28 photos

Did Trump push prime minister aside?

Inside Amazon's first NYC bookstore

These are the safest cars on the road

Zuckerberg gets political in Harvard speech

By mistake, Trump reveals world's failure on terror

Reporters need special protection

Elderly will suffer under GOP health care plan

What signal is Melania sending?

Bill Clinton lawyer: My best advice for Trump

Mortgage rates plummet. Lock in now!

Consumers rush to jaw-dropping savings rates

2 absurd cards now offer 0% intro APR until 2019

Travel ban blocked again

Trump lectures NATO, unsettles allies

What is botulism, and how does it kill?

The verdict on microcurrent facials

This is what it's like to be struck by lightning

Want more affection? Have more sex

'Baywatch' movie sinks like a stone

Chris Cornell's wife writes heartfelt tribute

'Pirates of the Caribbean' tries to turn back time

Andy Cohen wants to make a 'Love Connection'

Bieber fans want UK tour cancellation

A roller coaster fanatic's top 10 rides for 2017

Disney's new 'Avatar -- World of Pandora'

America's Cup: Bermuda's moment in the sun

How Amsterdam cleaned up its sleazy center

Mystery SOS sign confuses Australian police

UK sends message to ISIS on bomb

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