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Welcome to MyGenesee, a site designed for the convenience of residents of Genesee County and the surrounding area.
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Batavia Webcam

Batavia Webcam looking East at a section of Ellicott St. in Batavia.

CNN Top News

Signs that Mueller may be about to file his final report with the Attorney General have sent Beltway insiders to a state of nervous alert, but there is no report yet

Comey: 'No idea' what Mueller will conclude -- 'I also don't care'

Rare sighting of Mueller as world waits for report to drop

Fact-check: Trump claims Mueller investigation 'illegal,' ignoring multiple court rulings

Anderson Cooper details 'tense speculations' over report

Opinion: A Mueller legal showdown could be just around the corner

How Chief Justice John Roberts saved Obamacare

Elijah Cummings: White House officials using personal accounts to do official work

McCain's youngest daughter to Trump: 'You are a child'

Voter on Ocasio-Cortez: She's ridiculous

Analysis: Here's why Lindsey Graham plays so nice with Trump

Analysis: Why Joe Biden's VP gimmick is a very bad idea

Farmer warns US: America could suffer

Supreme Court to meet behind closed doors to discuss mystery Mueller-related grand jury subpoena

Brexit delay agreed after talks with May

Experts: The real problem for Robert Kraft is the video, not the charges

The unlikely suspects of unlicensed gun dealing

Fox's suspension of Jeanine Pirro extends into second week

Glacier melt on Everest exposes dead bodies

Pilots transitioned to 737 Max 8 with self-administered online course

Teachers were shot with pellets during active shooter drill, teacher's association says

Mystery surrounds daring North Korean embassy raid

US B-52 bomber is caught on Russian camera

Levi's CEO: Don't put jeans in the freezer

Report: Kaepernick reportedly will recieve less than $10M in grievance settlement

Will he be MLB's next $300 million star?

Star athlete speaks out after photo controversy

NFL teams will regret not trading for this QB

Report: 45-year-old MLB icon to retire

Wingsuit stunt stuns Los Angeles locals

President Bush gets his first hole-in-one

Mom charged with abusing kids for YouTube

K-pop star arrested in sex video scandal

New Zealand broadcasts Muslim Call to Prayer as part of national day of reflection

Why ISIS is easier for big tech to fight than white supremacy

Scenes from one of New Zealand's 'darkest days'

Women in New Zealand are wearing a 'headscarf for harmony'

Expert predictions for the first round of March Madness

Here's who is leading the Bracket Challenge Game

The chaos bracket that could happen

Everything you need to know for March Madness

How 'undiscovered genius' Yayoi Kusama became an international sensation

Some beach cities are trying to make this the least fun spring break for college kids

What John Hickenlooper said that led to this moment

The week in 20 photos

US oil prices hit $60 a barrel for the first time since November

Wall Street's fee wars have entered the 'silly stage'

Europe hits Google with a third, $1.7 billion antitrust fine

California governor: Why I put a freeze on the death penalty

J.K. Rowling's latest Dumbledore comment feels like a cop-out

When Trump trashes McCain, we mustn't look away

What raising a Down syndrome child really means

Something is terribly wrong with Trump

Hiltons of San Diego: Best Rates Plus Extra Savings

9 cards charging 0% interest until 2020

15yr fixed rates dropped. Time is ticking to refi

Chemical plant explosion kills dozens

Scandal threatens to end the 'Korean Wave'

Schoolgirls face jail for doodling on President's photo

Jimmy Carter is now the oldest living former president

Fentanyl deaths in US up more than 1,000% over six years

59 gravesites were vandalized with anti-Semitic phrases and images at a Jewish cemetery

KY governor exposed his children to chickenpox instead of getting vaccine

Why do Egyptian statues have broken noses?

How 'legal fakes' are challenging a $1B cult brand

Doomsday: Where super-rich will hide

Rare photographs reveal life in 19th-century China

Xi's new look is a power move

4,000-year history of the Sikh turban

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