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Batavia Webcam

Batavia Webcam looking East at a section of Ellicott St. in Batavia.

CNN Top News

Another SEAL testifies he, not Eddie Gallagher, was the one who killed ISIS fighter

Witness says he saw Gallagher stab an ISIS prisoner

Trump: Gallagher moving to 'less restrictive confinement'

Prosecutors say Gallagher stabbed the prisoner and texted a photo of him

Judge removes lead prosecutor in Gallagher case

Analysis: Most presidents don't pardon murderers. Trump did, and may again.

Republican congressman says he's taken a photo with an enemy corpse

Roy Moore to run again for US Senate seat in Alabama

Iran says US drone was a 'blatant violation of international law'

Video reportedly shows US drone attack

It matters where the drone was shot down

What is an RQ-4A Global Hawk drone?

Roger Stone violated gag order with social media posts, prosecutors say

Senators briefed on UFO sightings

Hill leaders no closer to budget deal ahead of spending deadline

Obama voter: This is why I voted for Trump

10 shot at lounge in Pennsylvania, police say

Parents brawl over a 13-year-old umpire's call

Dow closes higher and S&P 500 hits record

This group found thousands of offensive Facebook comments by police

ESPN host threatens to call HR after show

TSA says biometric ID won't be mandatory

An Archbishop told a Jesuit school to fire a gay teacher. They said no

CNN's Amanpour confronts Saudi official with gruesome Khashoggi details

Protesters try to storm Georgia's parliament

MLB team gets approval to play in two cities

New music video of deceased rock legend emerges

Slack is now worth more than $20 billion

Slack is ruining my life and I love it

Opinion: Whoopi Goldberg may have a point on Bella Thorne's nude photos

Sea lion launches at 13-year-old on beach

Music producer dies in fall from building

Realistic NBA draft trades we could see tonight

Treasure hunters are dying in the Rockies

Huge great white shark pops up, shocks boaters

$120 million MLB superstar is being ignorned

US comfortably beats Sweden and sets another record

It wasn't pretty the last time the US and Swedish soccer teams met

Yes, the US soccer team is dominant. That's because most of the world is playing catch-up

Solo says 'we need to talk' about video assistant referees

In her shoes: A soccer player's life

Carrie Underwood, NFL and NBC sued over 'Sunday Night Football' song

The Easter Island photo you shouldn't take

463-pound alligator removed from highway after it was struck by a semi

Babbling baby and dad are back in a new ad

This city is almost out of water. Satellite images show its nearly bone-dry reservoirs

Ford says the 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 is its most powerful car ever

Tesla's black paint just got $1,000 more expensive

Cannabis sales could hit $15 billion globally this year

Phoenix cops' outrageous overreaction to case of 4-year-old and Barbie doll

How Elizabeth Warren gets her chance

The world is failing women and girls

The Khashoggi report is a wake-up call

Finally, a Native American voice is honored

How can giving food and water be a 'crime'?

Hope Hicks: the Forrest Gump of White House

15 yr fixed rates just plummeted. Lock in now!

9 cards charging 0% interest until 2021

5 stocks for building wealth after 50

One of India's biggest cities is almost entirely out of water

And then there were two: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt in battle to lead Britain

UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia unlawful, court rules

Pakistan to open more than 1,000 new courts to fight violence against women

Xi lands in Pyongyang for state visit

He found a class ring that was lost for nearly 60 years and tracked down the owner to return it

New York man accused of murder-for-hire plot against his father and brother, prosecutor says

$1 million of meth found in suitcases in a Washington forest

Cracker Barrel bans an anti-gay pastor from holding an event in one of its stores

Royal Ascot: Tracking Britain's most famous family at the races

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